Friday, 7 December 2012

happy for them

of course you happy when see your friends is happy with their loved one. they deserve them a lot. the great feeling that they get by being loved and care by someone besides your family and friend. and me also desire that feeling but sadly nobody want to be a part of it as many people say i'm too snobbish to accept people.

i'm not like that okay. i'm just dont want to have heart broken like i've before. its hurt me a lot and take year for me to forget it. but who doesn't get jealous when people surround you spend their time with loved one but i'm alone. argggghh,can't explain that feeling in words as it soo much pain in heart.

but when someone trying to fall for me,i'm trying to avoid it away. i don't know why i do that. i just having soo much negative thinking about it. why haaa???can someone answer me?

and for this while i'm also dont have crush on somebody like i use before.. i just don't know what happen to me lately. to miserable. and please friends pray for me that the day will come soon and i'm will having great times like others. i'm starting feel lonely without my bestfriend,my heart and my soulmate. :(

 Looking at a picture and wishing you could re-live that moment over and over again.

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