Wednesday, 2 January 2013


assalamualaikum pipols.

its been so hard lately to tell someone about how i feel right now. i don't know to who and how  should i tell this. but frankly,after been so long i'm not attched with someone (about4 years i  think) i've been hard feeling with  someone which is a non-muslim.i know what you thinking right now about me.but its happen spontaneously without me expect it. :(

we in same class but now he stop his studying because he get offer of working in a company at Perak. it is his decision,so i've no right to stop it. right?

but,i think it is good for both of us. why? it help us to think more about our feeling.when we be apart its give us more time to think wisely about it. and insyaALLAH if GOD wills we will find our way. i hope so. and really hope so. and for now we just a friend.

well,today is he 1st day been working. and unfortunately his day start with badly.
the night before he ask me to wake he up at 7,well because he is non-muslim so of course he is not wake up early in the morning to do solat subuh right. so,me call him several time until 7.15 am. he gonna to go to work at 8 and he is not awake yet???? and finally after few calls and texts he awake.
when he is on the way to his work place his car tyre broken. and takes 30 minutes to change it pipols and the time already 7.45. pity him right? finally he arrived at 8.20 i think,and thank God his boss understand his situation. hope tomorrow this thing would never happen again ya friend.

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