Thursday, 4 October 2012

the feeling being forgotten

nice right the feeling when being forgotten by someone that we aspect as our bestfriend.
i'm know that we could not contact for 24/7 but sometimes me need the support and appreciate from someone that I hope and the person is YOU. but it just dissappointed me,the more I hope the more I get hurt.

but i'm surprise that i'm not the only one can feel that but also the others classmate. urgh,that really surprise me. but never mind,if you can live happily without thinking of our feeling we also can. we can prove it to you honey. and thankz coz you being my supporter at the past and always being my frienemies. and me always hope we can maintain it that way. please,i can't find you anymore now. i just missing the old you. :)

me missing the our old time memories together and please dont do your new friends like you do to us,your matriculation friends.

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