Sunday, 25 December 2011

i'm G???????? oh noooo...

sila tonggengkan kepala anda..

today,my lovely and only brother get engaged..yup,of coz i'm hapy for him...but the sad thing here it is....many pepole especially 'makcik2' call me G..xperlu la aku mention kan what G stand for..i hope u all understand..right???kalau tak paham tu wat2 paham jela.. :)

k,untuk orang2 yang paham tu..ape yang korang rase bila orang panggil korang macam tu..of coz dissappointed right???same goes with me k!!!!!waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...i just want to scream as loud as possible when i hear that word... i think i allergic kot with that word..can i??

i knowi'm G but can't  you all think about my feeling when you said that..ahhh,i feel like i want to run away from there..but i can't..i know that makcik2 like berterus terang even what they say could hurt someone heart...they use to it...that was their trademark..kan???so just accept that..muslims say 'redha'..

ok so i think i dont want to hear that word again that ditujukan especially for me..ok,sart DIET...aku da malu tahap sawan da nie...

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